Help needed

I decided to release a new version of dedexer but I am not satisfied. The Holy Grail I am chasing is the high-quality disassembly of ODEX files and I intended to use the hint received from Nenik. I extended the dedexer tool with data flow analysis so it now has knowledge about the types in Dalvik registers at any point of the execution of Android bytecode. If you ask nicely the new version of the tool (-r switch), it will even share this information with you. Now a decompiled method looks like this if this switch is used:

.method public (Ljava/lang/String;)V
.limit registers 4
; this: v2 (LLineReader;)
; parameter[0] : v3 (Ljava/lang/String;)
.catch java/io/IOException from lbba to lbda using lbdc
.line 18
invoke-direct {v2},java/lang/Object/ ; ()V
; v2 : LLineReader;
.line 20
new-instance v0,java/io/FileInputStream
; v0 : Ljava/io/FileInputStream;
invoke-direct {v0,v3},java/io/FileInputStream/ ; (Ljava/lang/String;)V
; v0 : Ljava/io/FileInputStream; , v3 : Ljava/lang/String;
iput-object v0,v2,LineReader.fis Ljava/io/FileInputStream;
; v0 : Ljava/io/FileInputStream; , v2 : LLineReader;
.line 21
new-instance v0,java/io/BufferedInputStream
; v0 : Ljava/io/BufferedInputStream;
iget-object v1,v2,LineReader.fis Ljava/io/FileInputStream;
; v1 : Ljava/io/FileInputStream; , v2 : LLineReader;
invoke-direct {v0,v1},java/io/BufferedInputStream/ ; (Ljava/io/InputStream;)V
; v0 : Ljava/io/BufferedInputStream; , v1 : Ljava/io/FileInputStream;
iput-object v0,v2,LineReader.bis Ljava/io/BufferedInputStream;
; v0 : Ljava/io/BufferedInputStream; , v2 : LLineReader;
.line 28
.line 23
move-exception v0
; v0 : Ljava/io/IOException;
goto lbda
.end method

Great then, but where is the invoke-quick disassembly? Well, erm, I ran into problems. First of all, I could not figure out the data structures that store the names of other ODEX files that this ODEX file depends on. They seem to be in some sort of data structure at the end of the ODEX file that stores the name of these files but its exact layout remains a mistery for me.

Second, in order to decode invoke-quick statements, iget-object-quick statements also need to be decoded because the type values they put into Dalvik registers are needed for the data flow analyser. The source of this instruction is known as an offset and the mapping of these offsets back to Java types.

I will try to progress with these problems, any help is appreciated.

And now some PR after the boring technical details.

I will make a short presentation about dedexer during the coming Android meetup in London. If you are interested about the tool and central London is accessible for you, let's see each other there.

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