Free Games 4 Android: Zenonia v1.2.0

The legendary journey has begun! It's time to explore the dungeon of mystery and choose your destiny in the world of ZENONIA!

ZENONIA: A classic action RPG slashes its way to mobile. The story is about a young boy on a legendary journey exploring the dungeons of mystery, trying to figure out what happened in his past.

The game features anime style graphics as you play numerous quests following an epic story. You can learn active and passive skills with astonishing effects. Obtain hundreds of items and weapons that can be found. Choose your own destiny by making key decisions that lead you to a path of good or evil. With climate changes such as rain, snow, and heat along with a day and night system, feel hunger when you run low on food and watch out for encumbrance by carrying too many items, a variety of different effects to increase the reality of the game.

Enjoy this beautiful RPG, which offers three different classes with more than 40 hours of game-play!

  • Numerous quests with an epic story with anime style graphics
  • Various skills with stylish effects
  • Hundreds of unique items and weapons
  • Innovative elements reflecting real life
  • Long play time over 40 hours
ZENONIA  for Android now available!
Keyboard support, multitouch, and speed options added!

Download This Free Game 4 Android here:

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apk file: 7.15MB

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