Free Apps 4 Android: XDA Premium v1.1.2

The fastest and easiest way to browse the XDA-Developers forums.

By popular request, we present to you the Premium version of the official XDA-Developers Android app! This app lets you access the world-famous XDA forums, plus reply to threads, add new ones, manage your PMs, and more!

What's makes the Premium app different than the original XDA app?

  • No annoying ads!
  • Ability to collapse top bar to maximize screen real estate
  • Access to Legacy forums
  • Ability to add forum shortcuts to your Android homescreen for super quick access to your favorites
  • Custom XDA color scheme (changeable to default through Settings)
  • Choose whether to land on first post, last post, or first unread post within a given thread
  • Bug fixes
    Download This Free App 4 Android here:

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    apk file: 2.02MB

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