Free Games 4 Android: Glyder 2 v1.1.0

Eryn once again finds herself in a foreign dimension and needs your help to unlock the mysteries of her new environment in an effort find a way back home.

Soar through the skies, swoop through tight caverns, explore wondrous mysteries throughout the land & customize your adventure by uncovering & all new sets of wings & outfits!

  • EXPLORE 6 NEW WORLDS USING PICK-UP-AND-PLAY TILT CONTROLS: Journey through the bitter cold of Arctasia, Discover the hidden mysteries of Oasis, Navigate the treacherous terrain of Magma Core, Marvel at the wonders of Spiral Heights, Uncover the depths of Sporelle, and Rise into orbit in Ascension.
  • CUSTOMIZE ERYN: Collect an assortment of special wings & outfits. Utilize the abilities of each set of wings to aide in your adventure. Use the Phoenix wings to store boost crystals, charge the Albatross wings while inside of thermals, and strap on the Energy wings to make item collection a breeze.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH NEW MINI-GAMES AND PUZZLES: 18 all new trips include waypoint rings for exciting new routes around each world. Master the flight path and record your best scores!
  • FIND MORE COLLECTABLES AND REWARDS: Complete 24 Goals to unlock all the hidden items and areas. Special challenge platforms present new forms of gameplay.
  • Collect over 450 crystals and complete over 40 achievements!
  • Android 2.1 or higher
  • High-end device
  • Additional ~30MB download to SDcard

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apk file: 2.54MB

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