Free Games 4 Android: Greedy Pigs v1.0.1

They’re greedy, angry, dangerous, and drunk. Defend what’s yours.
This time the birds are not angry but the pigs are greedy! Greedy Pigs happily presents to you its hilarious, unique, and brand-new Tower Defense Game design and gameplay.

Keep your grey cells pumping and experience the fun of RPG-style abilities, skills, and level up mixed with brain twisting RTS!

The Dwarves, one of the most honest and earthly amongst all magical beings, were given the special task to protect the Magical Booze Barrel.
Immerse in the green forest of the Dwarves to help them defend their precious Booze Barrel from a gang of alcoholic monsters, the Pigzillas and their Zilla Buddies. Do not let them paralyze you by their super cuteness, they will rob you blind!

The fate of the Magical World lies in your hands. Will you let the monsters drink the forest’s booze? Or will you keep it safe?
Fight as three drunk but determined dwarfs: the strongman, the gunslinger, and the wizard. Combine magic with brute force to keep the deranged pigs from the holy, golden booze.
Gear yourself up, put on your combat boots, and sharpen your sword, the battle to booze is on!!!

  • Choose from 3 different kind of professions each with its own unique abilities, merit and attack style : - Dwarf Warrior - Dwarf Hunter - Dwarf Magician
  • Now your Dwarf can be upgraded, twice! And witness their transformation into more powerful, handsome looking Dwarves!
  • Two modes: Story Mode and Survival Mode
  • Dozens of maps each with different gameplays that might surprise you still!
  • Varieties of cute monsters that you would want to keep as pets!
  • RPG style abilities, skills and level up mixed with RTS brain twist to keep your grey cells pumping!
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apk file: 10.42MB

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