Free Games 4 Android: Sinister Planet v1.86.3

Slick and fast-paced arcade space-shooter.
Blast your way through wave after wave of relentless alien hoards. Five increasingly challenging planets to destroy. Ship upgrades and increasingly frantic gameplay will keep you coming back for more! Beautifully rendered asteroids and retro-style graphics will transport you back to the heyday of arcade classics.

Your objective is to attack and destroy a series of alien worlds, the ultimate of which is Planet Sinister. To destroy each world you'll attack the planet surface and take out the power grid protecting the planet's core.

To aid you on your quest, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your ship's weapon systems, by means of collecting power-ups (in Arcade mode) or collecting gold (in Battle mode).

To progress each wave, your task is to collect the gems produced when blasting the asteroids.

  • 25 waves of aliens
  • Multi-touch 360 degree shooting
  • Power-ups galore!
  • End of level boss to destruct the planet!
  • 60fps action
  • Global high score system
  • Bonus "challenge" waves
  • Awards and achievements
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apk file: 7.94MB

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